In our phone we have everything worth knowing about us and our journey through the world. And that data is attractive! Apps, websites, operative systems and countless products promise better service and usability, while they stealthily and practically unlimited collect data about you. The WIFI can be active, even if the display indicates it as turned off, and different games can have full access to the involuntary Google or Apple account. Advertisement can be activated through ultra sound beacons, and Facebook can read your text-messages. All these scenarios are possible and often a reality.

But what is it actually all of our data, actions, movement, messages and talks, updates, and info about our purchases can be used for?

Nicolaj Sonne dives into this in his insightful and humerous Talk, specifically about the extensive every day surveillance, which aren't about fun, blue glasses, Assange, wikileaks or governmental official. Instead, the talk dives into our own pockets, and will even be personal. It is that surveillance YOU accept, when you confirm you have read the "Terms & Conditions" on your favorite computer - your smartphone.

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