VGE20 - just two weeks away!

In two weeks we open the door for all who loves games.

A world of games

In just two weeks we open the doors for the game mecca Viborg game Expo, where you can play games - both those you know, those you don't know, and upcoming games!

Visitors have the pleasure of the games' magic, and we also have plans for professionals, who already breathe games as part of daily life.

We're ready for a blast of an expo, September 25.
Are you? We're looking forward to seeing you!

This happens in week 39

  • Games exhibition
  • Arcade games and machines
  • e-Sports and tournaments with Sigge Højbjerg as Shoutcaster (DR Ultra)
  • Talks with Jakob Stegelmann, and other prominent speakers of the digital era
  • VGE CREATE: A creative pop-up workshop
  • Workshops and drop-in training in game development, programming, and more
  • Robot Wars tournament - watch wild battles, and build your own robot
  • Indie Park. Watch and test games developed by the Danish indie scene
  • Artist Alley: Watch and even buy art from some of your favorite artists native to Viborg's creative space
  • And so much, much more!

You can be a part of this! Check our programme and find your favorite program event. Stay up to date on Tinghallen's program overview, as some of the events can require an entrance ticket.

VGE will of course follow all COVID-19 guidelines set by the Danish authorities. That also means our maximum capacity is limited, and we will keep control by the doors. Read more about how we adjust to COVID-19 here.

Viborg Game Expo opening hours:

  • Friday from 10am to 6pm
  • Saturday from 10am to 8pm
  • Sunday from 10am to 4pm

E-sport online

If you can't join us in Viborg for games, e-sport and fun, then remember we can be found on Viborg Game Expo's Twitch, where we will stream e-sport, tournaments, and VGE Direct.

We look forward to seeing you all for a weekend of games - both online and offline.

We wish you a great Game Expo!