Viborg Game Expo 2021

VGE is back!

Viborg Game Expo 2021 is back the 30th of September with games, creativity, play and competition, for all ages.

The annual event Viborg Game Expo, that was postponed last year due to COVID-19 restructions, is back in 2021 with renewed energy.

“The importance of celebrating the culture and enthusiasm around gaming, in all its forms, as a unifying force, has only become clearer to us, and with the support of our partners and exhibitors, we look forward to holding a great expo this year ! ”, Says Anders Heegaard, event coordinator at Tinghallen.

Play, Learning, Creativity and Competition
For Viborg Game Expo 2021, visitors can move between different areas that focus on different aspects of games as a medium.

Creative minds can visit the CREATE area where one can learn about various aspects of game development, such as programming and animation. The ARCADE area offers old-fashioned arcade machines, which at a previous expos has proven to be super popular. And of course there is a competition on the expo's E-SPORTS scene.

“With Viborg Game Expo, we want to create a common celebration of games, not just as entertainment, but as a culture and creative form of expression. That is why we have divided the exhibition hall into different 'zones', focusing on different aspects of the medium. " - Hannibal Glaser, Content Coordinator at Viborg Game Expo

Room for the startups
The middle of the exhibition hall features the “Indie Park”, an open area for smaller developers, or students who do not have a commercial product, but who would like to share their game with other enthusiasts.

Viborg Game Expo 2021 will be takes place from September 30th - October 2nd in Tinghallen, in connection with Viborg Animation Festival. More information is available at