VIBORG GAME EXPO is a celebration of game culture, game development, playing games, and being part of a grand and diverse community of game enthusiasts.

Viborg Game Expo postponed until 2021

Viborg, Monday the 21st of September, 2020

After the Danish government's recent updates to the COVID-19 guidelines, the Viborg Game Expo team and management group have decided to postpone the expo until 2021.

- In light of Viborg Game Expo is an expo, where exhibitors and visitors exchange ideas, interests and share their passion for games, we can not see a way where we can complete the expo responsibly and according to the most recent COVID-19 guidelines. We do not wish to take the chance of behalf of our exhibitors, partners, visitors and staff, Project Leader of Viborg Game Expo, Anders Heegaard says.

The physical event during the expo including the expo, Indie Park, CREATE Workshop, e-Sport, tournaments and the Arcade-zone are all postponed until next year.

- We looked forward to present Viborg Game Expo during Viborg Animation Festival 2020, but in respect of our exhibitors, visitors, our staff and all other guests we have come to the decision to postpone Viborg Game Expo 2020 until next year. We are incredibly excited to see our exhibitors and visitors in 2021, for a Viborg Game Expo that will be at least as good as the one we had prepared for this year, Anders Heegaard says.

Updated COVID-19 guidelines in Denmark

September 18, the Danish Prime Minister held a press meeting, where the government updated the guidelines along with another call for added caution due to the recently increased spread of Corona in some parts of Denmark.

This includes a stricter guideline and bans for gatherings across entire Denmark. The ban of gatherings has been lowered to 50 people in all municipalities. There are certain exceptions to the ban, such as cultural events, which Viborg Game Expo is considered. But in respect for everybody's safety the expo's leader group decide to postpone the expo until 2021.

As of writing the VGE Team are working on a digital solution for the expo, under the name VGE Direct. Here we will showcase a lot of the trailers from the exhibitors' games, which will be stream online across the expo's social channels. The Exhibitors can already reserve an exhibitor stand for Viborg Game Expo 2021.

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