Gå på opdagelse blandt de vilde(re) spil. Indie Park er et åbent og gratis område for skoleprojekter, sjove prototyper, og alle slags kreative spil fra små og uafhængige spiludviklere. Gå tur i indie-parken, og mød nystartede udviklere fra nær og fjern.

Indie Area By Ghost Ship Games

På et stort område på messen, vil der være repræsenteret en masse indie-spiludviklere.

Vi har inviteret de mest kreative indie-udviklere for at vise deres projekter. Indie er et åbent område for skoleprojekter, sjove prototyper, og
alle mulige slags kreative indie-spil. 

Området er blevet skabt i samarbejde med Ghostship Games.


Lunch Money Games |

Calcium Chaos: “Go on a journey by train to stop the evil necromancer and his skeleton army.
Explore, upgrade your train and fight the skeletons with your abnormal weapons in this comical Twin-Stick Roguelite.

Runic Dices Entertainment |
Nanokings: “Bullet Hell Steampunk Viking Dystopia”

Chop Chop Games |
Reboot Heroes: “Et roguelike auto-battler kort spil.
Hvor man rejser igennem verdenen, besejre monstre, og forbedre sit deck af kort indtil man kan skabe sin ultimative kombo.”

Dire Prism | Treacherous Journeys on Steam
Treacherous Journeys: “Shard-world Online Action-RPG.
Play as an adventurer in a world that doesn’t realize how much it needs them.”

Takunomi | The Girl Who Kicked a Rabbit on Steam
The Girl Who Kicked a Rabbit: “Turn-based action-RPG. 1 Girl vs 1,000 crazy demon rabbits”

One Cut Games |

Soul Surge: “Fast paced roguelite where you can steal any ability.”

Help and support

Contact our expo-coordinator here, if you have questions regarding regristration, booths, prices, equipment, installation or other relevant inquiries about exhibiting at Viborg Game Expo:

Do you want to exhibit your game at Viborg Game Expo?

Show your game to VGE's visitors. Indie-developers who just want to show their game in informal surroundings can sign up for VGE's Indie Park area. The area has free spots for small teams.

Exhibitors wishing for seperate booth space of their own can call our booth pusher Jonas directly on 54333231 or 86626100